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IMS – ERAS : Virtual-Reality based Telerobotics

by Siddhant Shrivastava for Python Software Foundation

Virtual European Mars Analog Station (V-ERAS) is based on immersive real-time virtual simulations running on top of the Blender Game Engine (BGE). This V-ERAS project has two distinct components. First, it entails the teleoperative control of the Robot rover’s motion via human body-tracking. Second, it involves streaming the 3-D camera video feed from the rover to BGE over the network and processing it into an Augmented Reality experience through a head-mounted Virtual Reality device.

Italian Mars Society: Enhancement of Kinect integration in V-ERAS

by Vito Gentile for Python Software Foundation

The available virtual reality simulation of the ERAS Station allows users to interact with a simulated Martian environment using Aldebran Motivity, Oculus Rift and MS Kinect. However the integration of the latter technology is still not complete, and this project aims to enhance it in order to: -increase manageability of multiple Kinects -improve user navigation -reproduce users’ movements in real time -reduce data transfer latency by enhancing Tango integration -support touchless gestures

Italian mars society:Utilization of the EUROPA Scheduler/Planner.

by Shridhar Mishra for Python Software Foundation

The main aim of this project will be making some sort of Astronaut’s Digital Assistant which will take into account all the constraints and rules that has been defined and plot a plan of action. It will also schedule all the tasks for the astronaut such that job of the astronaut becomes easy. (Read further in the proposal)